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Verb type 4

Type 4 verbs typically end with -ata/-ätä and are subject to consonant gradation.


Verbs ending in -ata/-ätä, -ota/-ötä, -uta/-ytä. For example:


Finding the stem for type 4 verbs can be done by removing the -t from between the two ending vowels. For example:

  • Avata → Avaa-
  • Kadota → Katoa-
  • Älytä → Älyä-

Examples of type 4 conjugations

Avata, To open

Conjugation Translation
Minä avaan I open
Sinä avaat You open
Hän avaa He/she opens
Me avaamme We open
Te avaatte You all open
He avaavat They open

Kadota, To disappear

Conjugation Translation
Minä katoan I disappear
Sinä katoat You disappear
Hän katoaa He/she disappears
Me katoamme We disappear
Te katoatte You all disappear
He katoavat They disappear

Älytä, To become aware of

Conjugation Translation
Minä älyän I become aware of
Sinä älyät You become aware of
Hän älyää He/she becomes aware of
Me älyämme We become aware of
Te älyätte You all become aware of
He älyävät They become aware of

Common type 4 verbs