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Verb type 3

Type 3 verbs have four ending patterns to follow and are subject to consonant gradation.


Verbs ending in -lla/-llä, -sta/-stä, -nna/-nnä, -ra/-rä. For example:


Finding the stem for type 3 verbs can be done by removing the last 2 letters from the verb and add an -e. For example:

  • Tulla → Tule-
  • Nousta → Nouse-
  • Mennä → Mene-
  • Purra → Pure-

Examples of type 3 conjugations

Tulla, To come

Conjugation Translation
Minä tulen I come
Sinä tulet You come
Hän tulee He/she comes
Me tulemme We come
Te tulette You all come
He tulevat They come

Nousta, To rise

Conjugation Translation
Minä nousen I rise
Sinä nouset You rise
Hän nousee He/she rises
Me nousemme We rise
Te nousette You all rise
He nousevat They rise

Mennä, To go

Conjugation Translation
Minä menen I go
Sinä menet You go
Hän menee He/she goes
Me menemme We go
Te menette You all go
He menevät They go

Purra, To bite

Conjugation Translation
Minä puren I bite
Sinä puret You bite
Hän puree He/she bites
Me puremme We bite
Te purette You all bite
He purevat They bite

Common type 3 verbs