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Verb type 2

Type 2 verbs are often considered the easiest verbs as they do not undergo consonant gradation.


Verbs ending in -da/dä. For example:


Finding the stem for type 2 verbs is very straight forward as the verbs do not undergo KPT consonant gradation. All that needs to be done is simply drop the -da/-dä from the verb.

Note that nothing is added to the stem for the third persons of Hän and He.

Examples of type 2 conjugations

Syödä, To eat

Conjugation Translation
Minä syön I eat
Sinä syöt You eat
Hän syö He/she eats
Me syömme We eat
Te syötte You all eat
He syövät They eat

Juoda, To drink

Conjugation Translation
Minä juon I drink
Sinä juot You drink
Hän juo He/she drinks
Me juomme We drink
Te juotte You all drink
He juovat They drink

Uida, To swim

Conjugation Translation
Minä uin I swim
Sinä uit You swim
Hän ui He/she swims
Me uimme We swim
Te uitte You all swim
He uivat They swim

Exceptional type 2 verbs

Some exceptional type 2 verbs exist, such as Nähdä and Tehdä, which follow their own conjugation rules, as shown below:

Tehdä, To do

Conjugation Translation
Minä teen I do
Sinä teet You do
Hän tekee He/she does
Me teemme We do
Te teette You all do
He tekevät They do

Nähdä, To see

Conjugation Translation
Minä näen I see
Sinä näet You see
Hän näkee He/she sees
Me näemme We see
Te näette You all see
He näkevät They see

Common type 2 verbs