Interesting words

A collection of Finnish words that don’t have a 1:1 English translation and often require an explanation.

AasinsiltaA barely related and sometimes awkward transition from one topic to another that often has very little to do with the current topic or argument.
AvantoA hole in the ice where someone can swim or dip into. Sometimes done between sauna sessions in winter.
EräjormaA person who loves the outdoors, is knowledgeable about nature and is typically skilled in survival.
JuoksentelisinkohanTo wonder if you should run around aimlessly.
KaamosThe phenomenon where the night lasts for 24 hours within the northernmost part of Finland that is within the arctic circle, also known as polar night.
KalsarikännitThe act of of getting drunk at home alone, typically in underpants, with no intention of going out.
KissanristiäisetA party or event that you feel is unnecesary but you are somewhat forced to attend.
KyykkyviiniWines that are often the cheapest or least of quality that are located on the lowest shelf and require crouching to acquire.
LandespedeA person who was born or raised in the country side; a person not from the city.
LöylyThe act of throwing water on sauna’s stove and the heat, humidity and temperature in the sauna as a result of the steam.
MottiMilitary slang for a totally encircled enemy unit. The tactic of encircling is Motitus.
MyötähäpeäSecond-hand shame or compassion for someone making a fool of themselves.
RiukuUsually a tree branch used to lean on or against for support while relieving one’s self.
RuskaThe process of leaves turning from green changing to various colours in autumn.
RuuhkavuodetHow a parent with young children may feel while trying to juggle responsibilities along with their career and hobbies.
SisuStoic determination, perserverance, bravery, resilience or hardiness.